We are at home in the world of plastic household goods

As a supplier of high-quality plastic parts for white goods, we create people’s everyday lives.

Modern plastic parts are as versatile as household goods and appliances themselves. GIWA Kunststofftechnik is a partner of the best brands in this sector. From transparent panels for refrigerators and 2-C parts for white goods to high-gloss visible plastic components: We bring quality, functionality and aesthetics into homes.


GIWA added value for the household goods sector

  • Expertise and experience in the production of crystal clear components
  • High-gloss components, visible components and multi-component plastic parts, assembly items and many more.
  • Production capacity for very large batch sizes
  • Excellent industry knowledge and relevant experience with household appliances
  • Individual automation for optimal process integration
  • Implementation of very large items with clamping forces of up to 1,500 tonnes

We add value to household goods

Consumers’ demands on household goods are high. GIWA supplies high-quality plastic parts that combine look and feel, functionality and durability. From high-gloss components to large technical parts and the processing of assembly tasks. And from prototype construction to series production with large batch sizes.


Examples GIWA parts for household products:

  • 2-C housing
  • High-gloss drawer fronts & drawer bodies
  • Fan housing
  • Appliance roofs
  • Adjustable foot element assembly
2-C housing base
Drawer front
Drawer front
Drawer front
Drawer front
Drawer body
Drawer body
Adjustable foot element, assembled
Fan housing
Appliance roof with metal insert

“Plastics have opened up possibilities for household appliances that were previously inconceivable.”


Get to know plastics expertise

It is impossible to imagine the household goods sector without high-quality plastic parts – or without GIWA as a supplier. Get to know us!


Performance and passion in plastics

We make your goal ours. And accompany you step by step from the initial idea to the finished plastic part.

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