Performance made of plastic – and passion

No matter how different our customers’ sectors are, we customize the corresponding individual solutions.

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Project planning from start to satisfaction

We make your project ours. Continuous exchange is just as important to us as meeting deadlines – right from the outset. For this purpose, we put together an experienced project management team that matches your requirements. Step by step, it guides your product to fruition. It checks the feasibility of your request, develops the optimal part design and finally the ideal production process. All with a focus on cost-effectiveness, quality and: your satisfaction.

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In-house design and development

If you want to create the future, you have to develop it. The same applies to personal development. To keep our finger on the pulse, our development and design team is constantly scanning the market for innovations in raw materials, tooling and plastics processing technologies. For product and tool developments, we rely on both our internal expertise and the competence of external partners. Together we make your ideas tangible – from the initial sketch to the finished CAD file.

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Materials and analysis from a single source

The potential of plastics technology is enormous. There is meanwhile an optimal plastic type for every product. The GIWA materials and laboratory team checks these for you and selects the most suitable ones. We check the most important parameters in viscosity measurements (MFI/MVR), moisture measurements, tensile and compression tests, colour or conductivity measurement. The types of material used are:

PA6 + glass fibre-reinforced; PA6 + mineral-reinforced, PA66 + glass fibre-reinforced, PA12, PP + glass fibre reinforced, PP + talc-reinforced, PP / EPDM + talc-reinforced, PS, TPE, ABS, PC / ABS, ASA, PC + glass fibre-reinforced, ASA / PC, ASA, PC / PBT, PE-HD, PE-LD, PMMA, POM

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Toolmaking of the highest quality

GIWA has the right solution for every job – and if not, we simply build one. This is made possible by our own toolmaking facility. With decades of experience in the fields of design, production and maintenance of injection moulds, we guarantee reliability and process reliability from a single source. We even implement complex oversized moulds flexibly and quickly. Thanks to qualified employees, the latest CNC machining centres with up to five axes and compliance with the highest quality standards.

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From the vision to prototyping

At GIWA, everything is conceivable – and almost everything is feasible. We translate your vision and specification into tangible sample parts. Together with external partners, we produce custom-fit prototype components quickly and inexpensively. This accelerates the development process, provides reliable findings and helps to make them usable for further development and optimization. Depending on the specific task, we select the appropriate process: laser sintering (SLS), stereolithography (STL), vacuum casting or prototype injection moulding.

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Flexible and high-performance production

From individual products and assemblies to entire product packages: We series-produce quality. In addition to the many years of experience of our qualified employees, we also rely on state-of-the-art technology. Our machinery pool comprises over 40 production cells. The clamping forces range from 50 to 1,500 tonnes. A high degree of automation with robotic handling ensures the production of plastic parts in large quantities and with consistently high quality.


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Assembly of components and assemblies

With GIWA assembly, we combine form and function. Depending on the type and scope of the plastic components manufactured, we offer you the appropriate assembly solution. Choose between conventional manual assembly of individual components, fully automated assembly or the finishing of entire assemblies in end customer packaging.

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Quality assurance at every step

Quality is the result of a systematic approach and high standards. These both accompany every single step of our production processes. From the manufacturability analysis to advance quality planning, and from defined production processes to initial sampling and finally series production. We produce quality – we don’t just “test” it. For us, the final quality inspection is simply confirmation that we have given our best throughout the entire process. Nevertheless, we electronically archive the results of all series-accompanying tests for several years in our CAQ.


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Logistics for maximum delivery capability

Highest possible delivery reliability through best possible availability: With the digital GIWA supply chain management concept, we always have your plastic parts in view. From contract manufacturing to warehousing or just-in-time delivery: Our logistics system addresses all customer wishes individually. The basis for our delivery concept is 17,000 m² of electronically managed warehouse and logistics space as well as our own vehicle pool.

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Using resources sustainably through recycling

As a plastics processor, we bear a great responsibility. It therefore goes without saying that we use resources sustainably. For over 30 years, we have been committed to increasing our efforts to achieve the most closed plastic cycle possible. This is achieved primarily by means of consistent recycling. Our recycling plant processes up to 2,500 tonnes of material per year. The recovered plastic thus remains in the cycle and is available again for the value creation of new products.

In our explanatory video, you can see how we implement sustainability not only for the logistics and construction technology industry, but now also for the office furniture industry.

Familiarization with plastics expertise

It is impossible to imagine consumer goods without high-quality plastic parts – or without GIWA as a supplier. Get to know us!


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