Production processes that break the mould

Our production processes take plastics further. Depending on the material properties and product requirements, we use exactly the right production technology. In this way, we can implement complex geometries, extreme dimensions or extraordinary surfaces that break the mould.

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Compact injection moulding: Endless opportunities

Wide range of surface qualities, enormous dimensions, structural load capacity, large batch sizes: GIWA’s production possibilities in compact injection moulding are virtually unlimited. We specialize in grained, etched, high-gloss or paint-replacing surfaces. Furthermore, we use compact injection moulding to produce components of over 2 metres in size. And also components that are highly resilient thanks to engineering plastics such as PA and glass fibre.

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Multi-component process: Powerful combinations

With two-component and multi-component injection moulding (2-C), GIWA combines the best properties of different plastics in a single item. Multi-coloured components are also possible here.

Our machinery pool is correspondingly versatile. From turntable technology to transfer technology: Our multi-component processes combine efficiency and versatility at the highest level.

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Gas injection technology: Seamless cost-effectiveness

GIWA uses the gas injection technology (GIT) process to produce components with complex geometries or unusual wall thicknesses.

In gas injection moulding, the plastic core is squeezed out by gas, creating a cavity in the interior of the plastic part. The major advantage here is the high cost-effectiveness. Material usage is reduced, distortion minimized and quality optimized as a result.

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Hybrid process: integrated solutions

The GIWA hybrid processes combine plastics with other materials and products in a single component. For decades we have specialised in injection moulding around metal inserts such as sleeves, sheets, nuts, ball bearings and much more besides. The results are ready-to-install series parts and integrated special plastic solutions for a wide range of applications.

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Saving resources with the MuCell® injection moulding process

Greater rigidity despite less material used? GIWA realizes this and other advantages with the MuCell® process. The innovative production technology uses nitrogen or carbon dioxide to foam plastics physically and with a fine structure. The density and weight of the thermoplastic are reduced, while cost-effectiveness is increased due to the lower energy and material input. Incidentally, MuCell® enables the production of large moulded parts with lower distortion and greater rigidity.


Familiarization with plastics expertise

It is impossible to imagine modern production without high-quality plastic parts and innovative production processes – or without GIWA as a supplier. Get to know us!

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Performance and passion in plastics

We make your goal ours. And accompany you step by step from the initial idea to the finished plastic part.

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