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GIWA Kunststofftechnik is a leading producer and developer of high-quality plastic products with a long tradition.

“It is the ability to imagine a better future that makes it possible to see new paths and follow them.”

Daniel Sieberer,
Majority Owner & Managing Director, GIWA GmbH

We take you further in just 7 questions

You have high requirements for your plastics technology partner? Very good. Here you can find out in just 7 questions whether and how GIWA can help you.


Question 1

Your plastics partner should supply everything from the idea to series production from a single source?

Yes. A partner with comprehensive know-how is important to me. In this way, I can optimize customer benefits and product costs at the same time.
No. That is less important to me. I have this know-how myself.

Question 2

You want a flexible partner who also responds quickly to last-minute changes or repairs?

Yes. Absolutely! A powerful partner with its own mould construction is an important competitive advantage.
No. That is not worth it for me. If you have to wait longer for parts, that’s just the way it is.

Question 3

You need a supplier who always provides you with the best possible solution at the best possible price?

Yes. There is no alternative to this. I want top quality at a fair price.
No. I can do without delivery reliability, quality and solutions to problems. The price is the only thing that counts.

Question 4

You need someone who can deliver a lot of plastic parts in series?

Yes. Absolutely. I need more than 100,000 of some items per year. Not everyone can do that.
No. I only need small quantities. I can also get that elsewhere.

Question 5

Do you love surprises or are you looking for a partner who delivers consistency throughout the entire value chain?

Yes. My customers demand consistently high quality, functionality and reliability. I expect the same from my partners.
No. Quality and reliability are less important to me.

Question 6

You need someone with know-how in the development and production of very challenging parts or particularly large and heavy plastic parts?

Yes. My plastics partner should be as versatile as possible. This helps me to respond quickly to trends or changes.
No. For me, a simple subcontractor with few skills is enough.

Question 7

Are you looking for a partner who works with you on an equal footing and doesn’t lose their nerve even under stress?

Yes. Constructive cooperation is important to me. The partner’s expertise and experience give me security.
No. I myself am an expert in the development and production of plastic parts.

Plastics technology is in a constant state of motion – and so are we


Company founded by Walter Götzfried in Thierhaupten


Establishment of the new main building in Westendorf


First extension of the production areas


First prize in the German Packaging Competition for plastic quarter pallets


Second extension including administration area


Third extension of production and logistics


Entry into the automotive sector


Fourth extension of the warehouse space by 2,000 m2


Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000


“First Tier Supplier” in the automotive sector


Fifth extension of the production and storage area by 4,000 m²

Supplier of the year to a renowned furniture manufacturer


Sixth extension of the production and storage area by 3,000 m²


Seventh extension of warehouse and logistics shop by 6,000 m2

Transfer of management to Julian Götzfried


Daniel Sieberer joins as Managing Partner


We create a sense of community

As the largest employer in the municipality of Westendorf near Augsburg, we are a source of cohesion in our home town. Our success creates prosperity and security for our employees and their families. With our social commitment, we want as many people as possible to benefit from this. That is why we sponsor clubs, promote sport and support the local child daycare centre, for example. Additionally, we work together with facilities such as the Dominikus Ringeisen workshops and the Kloster Holzen support centre.

What also sets us apart: GIWA certificates