NEWS | 02.05.2023

The GIWA plastics cycle makes the plastics industry

As one of the most sustainable plastics manufacturers (Focus Climate Protection 01-2022), GIWA has been investing in closed-loop plastics systems for three decades. Today, we already cover more than 60 percent of our material requirements with recycled plastics. This corresponds to 6,500 tons of valuable raw materials that we recycle within our plastics cycle.

But that was just the beginning. GIWA's own recycling center for office furniture has been in operation since the beginning of 2023. Here, old office chairs are recycled and new products, such as seat shells or foot bases, are manufactured from the recovered materials. Everything is automated, right on site, without long transportation routes. This saves tons of carbon emissions.

And it is not only the environment that benefits, but also the office furniture industry. Thanks to GIWA’s sustainability expertise, chair manufacturers can meet the growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products. This is a competitive advantage that perfectly complements the excellent product quality of the new recycled components.

This is how the GIWA plastics cycle works: Instead of thermally recycling old office chairs, we take them back and disassemble them. In the GIWA recycling center, we recover unmixed, contaminant-free regrind in a multi-stage process. Thanks to sophisticated material qualification, we obtain a flawless base material with optimal, tested product properties. And so the plastic cycle starts all over again. Again and again.
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